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07-03-2012, 08:56 PM
It was Elite Infected Ground. I came in near what seemed like the beginning of the STF. Some of the team had already gone forward and were engaging the Borg. I ran over and by the time I'd gotten there-this was the first group, mind you, so it didn't take that long to get there-most of the team had died and were either waiting to respawn or be healed. I fought with the people who were left and we got killed.

When I respawned, I found myself to be doing this STF with only one teammate. The others had quit. Maybe they were playing longer than I thought? Not one to give up, we went for it, hoping to make some headway and thinking people would pop in. No dice. After a few deaths, I was playing alone. Rushing in and out and picking up injuries like...a lone Vice Admiral on an Elite STF...and trying to do some damage. I had long since run out of regenerators by the time "reinforcements" came in.

After playing for a good 10-15 minutes, I started getting yelled at for having so many injuries by the new guys. "I hate when people don't come prepared" "Have you ever played this before?" I thought it kinda bs. You ever try to clear out a room as a Sci Captain on an Elite STF by yourself and NOT get injured? Nah. Unlikely.

We finished with them witching and moaning about it the entire time.

I don't know if that's the worse than the first 30 seconds I'd played Elite Cure Ground in which we spawned, a guy asked if anyone had not ever played it before, to which I replied that I hadn't on elite and another person replied the same. This caused the other 3 of the players to leave with a "There are too many noobs in here." Of course that fixes the problem of inexperience. We knew two of us wouldn't beat the final boss and would be hard pressed to even get halfway there in the first place. Had to leave and take the long time penalty :/.

Ironically, I played it again with a group of 3 inexperienced players and pulled it off later on. Beyond annoying experiences though