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07-03-2012, 08:08 PM
Just to keep this momentum going.... YES for the love of V'ger, add a Switch Character button instead of just a Log Out. I only have THREE characters and it drives me insane. Now that there's a "Guard", it's time, c'mon.... :p

Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
How can we identify them so we can see what they're doing? Will they have a name or just a string of characters?
You name the access point. If you've ever used Dropbox it's exactly like that.

It's really no trouble other than waiting for the first e-mail. Almost the same experience as setting up Steam on a new machine.

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When you will come up with *real* security features, like a one time token (WoW calls it Authenticator, RSA calls it SecurID). isn't a one time token. It lasts for a while on the same machine. TOR is a true one time token, and it lets you switch chars without logging out.

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