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07-03-2012, 11:42 PM
Funny that the Borg tractor beam resistance update has had to wait for such a long time. This will improve STF functionality a lot. Same with less damage of the Borg cutting beam. I noticed that some of the fleet starbase content hasn't even been released on Tribble yet, so I guess we have to wait for August until it's moving to Holodeck, right (due to testing purrposes)? An official announcement with a new official release date for Season 6 would be really nice, so players know what to expect in terms of delays.

I see it's going into the right direction, but only just recently. I hope we'll see a lot more progress from now on. I like what I've seen on Tribble the last few days.

By the way, there are other objects (not only the Nandi) that can't be interacted properly if they move or you move, such as the freighters in the first space bit of "Under the Cover of Night" or the asteroid in "Saturday's Child" where you get an accolade from scanning it. Especially the freighters can be a pain in the back to be scanned, since you need to scan them before getting to the next part in the first place.

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PS: And it's ' ... not ?.
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