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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
That's what I suspect is happening, that as you say the Tac console is affecting base damage but perhaps SA is affecting the overall final damage.

Whatever is going on, it's herculean in its output.
Did a quick test using a ship with 3 MkXII Tac Consoles and my usual allocation of 9/9 skillpoints to weapons-related skills.

Assuming that SA is acting on total damage not base, it looks like the cumulative damage cutoff point for a Tac to start being outdamaged by a Sci should be around 31 Seconds, with the "damage per shot" cutoff point being only 18 seconds. (Maybe very slightly more than that if you don't have as much skillpoint investment or any passive DPS buffs from accolades, in which case Tac Consoles would contribute a slightly higher % of your total damage).

It'd be good to get this corroborated by further testing...

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