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what do you expect from a tiny tier 2 ship retrofited to tier 5? im glad they have reduced capability compared to some of the original and truly deserving ships at tier 5. the turn rate is a fair trade off and difference, and it exists mainly so the nova fans can fly their favorite ship. everybody wins. geko acknowledges that the fleet nova having only 9 consoles listed is a mistake on twitter, that willl be fixed before long.
Good to hear that's being fixed. I also don't have a huge issue with reduce capabilities for smaller ships. Naturally they should be less tough, and have less crew. i don't think what tier they are retrofitted from matters that much, though. My point was that, other than th ship model, the Retrofit nova has nothing going for itself. I fly a Luna, and I can say it's turn rate is great, an extra degree a second over it isn't that huge considering you can't fit dual cannons; it isn't enough to make up for the reduced ability to take damage. Science ships currently lack a vessel with a LtC. tac slot, so that right there would be plenty of reason to get a Nova if it had the layout, but, as it stands, you would have to get the Fleet version. A bit less hull and more turn rate would also be in line with a tactical emphasis, since it would be more escort-like.

All ships on the same tier should have at least some parity, the 5.1 or 5.5 or whatever might be a bit stronger with their consoles, but on the whole, they should all be useful in some capacity. With the same layout and consoles, but inferior stats (turn rate excepting) to the Recon, the refit science vessel is obsoleted before even being available.

with the fleet nova having the LTC tac station, i think the fleet saber should have a LTC eng station.
I would have no problem with that, though given the greater size and crew of the Fleet Patrol Escort, I think it would make more sense for that ship to be given a LtC engineering and the Sabre to be given the Lt Engineering and Ensign Universal. That would also fit in with lower tier ships having reduce capability. Another thing to note is that there is a Fleet version of the heavy escort carrier, and, while there's no stats available on tribble yet, the base version has a LtC Engineering slot, so it's likely the fleet version has one too. If I had to guess I'd say the FHEC is going to have the same boff layout and another engineering console slot, so it should be just what you're looking for.

I should mention I'm not convinced the Nova is the right fit for the LtC tac boff, but, I can't really think of what would be a good fit. I can't help but feel the Tier 2 ships have just ben stuck wherever they could find place for them, and given the short end of the retrofit stick.