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07-04-2012, 03:20 AM
as far as boff slots go, the patrol escort is beloved as is, many would hate to lose the COM/LTC tac station combo on it. the saber is a new addition, and is really just a small general purpose ship, it would make sense for it to not be so tactically focused, wile at the same time being a tad weak because of its size. a simple escort with a LTC eng station is something i have wanted for a wile, all the extras on the armatige is kind of a turn off.

if any sci ship should have a LTC tac station, its the intrepid, and also an engineering ENS station. the hospital ship should be the fleet sci ship with 5 science consoles and COM/LTC/ENS sci stations. the odds of that happening arent great though, so i can settle on the nova having the LTC tac station.
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