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Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Oh, great, thanks.

EDIT: Now that I can play with it, is there also a way to switch between those presets with just one key, something along the lines of "load preset_next preset"? Have tried a couple, but I'm no expert.
As far as I know, there is not a pre-built command to go to the next power level. But you have a couple of options, neither really pretty.

You could go the route of having multiple keybind files, four in this case, where each press of your power key sets the desired power level but also loads the next keybind file which will bind the power key to the next power level. The last keybind file will bind the power key to the fourth power level but have it reload the first bind file. Essentially:

x power1$$ load keybind_file2.

x power2$$ load keybind_file3.

x power3$$ load keybind_file4.

x power4$$ load keybind_file1.

Again, not a pretty answer. Especially if you have a large keybind file because any changes to the other keybinds would have to be replicated 4 times. The orginator of this thread uses a similar technique to change his team tells to change up the wording so it is not always "Attack the baddies" ad infinitum.

The other option involves making the keybind change the keybind after every press. While I am not going to write out the whole solution, it would be something like this:

x "power1 $$ bind x "power2$$bind x "power3$$bind x "power4$ reset""""

Where pressing 'x' changes the power level, but also rebinds the 'x' key to the next power level. The 'reset' at the end would actually be an alias command that would be put in your CommandAlias.txt file as:

reset bind x "power1 $$ bind x "power2$$bind x "power3$$bind x "power4$ reset""""

If you don't know, CommandAlias.txt files are stored in Localdata directory. In my instance, it is c:\users\public\games\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata, but YMMV.

Hope this helps in some fashion as to how you would like to implement your suggestion. Again, neither is pretty, but they should do what you want.

Update: The above 'commands' are just for logical thought process use, not actual commands that you can copy and paste into your keybind files.

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