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07-04-2012, 07:47 AM
Well, the colonial chains are currently the only sources for several races. AFAIK there aren't ANY other Hirogen, or Breen Doffs at all.

El-Aurians have the cluster, and Rulian Mazan only.

The DS9 pack has a Romulan, but other than that I don't think there are any outside Eridan.

Hmm... LIST!

Delta Volanis: Deferi (Efficient, honorable, teamwork) only available here
Arucanis Arm: this one is odd in that not only does it give different races to each faction, KDF gets Orions, but Feds get a Rigelian for Renown, and a Tellarite for Support.
Hromi Cluster: El-Aurians (Efficient, Eidetic, TP), the only other El-Aurian is Rulian Mazan(Congenial, EIdetic, Tactful, TP)
Khazan Cluster: Hirogen (Aggressive, Efficient), only available here
Afehirr Nebula: Reman, only source of Remans for Fed, only easy source for KDF. the other KDF sources are a Unique Doff, and an ultra(I think that's what Minzon is anyways)
Eridan Belt: Romulans, there's only 2 others: the DS9 C-Store bundle comes with a Romulan Doff, and a season 5 tribble reward is a Romulan,
Rolor Nebula: Breen, the only Breen Doffs
Betreka Nebula: Jem'Hadar, also available as a one time reward for completing "Facility 4028", also availble as Rares from Gamma cadre pack, and maybe from Dominion prisoner exchange
Zenas Expanse: Vorta, See Jem'Hadar
B'Tran Cluster: Feds get Borg Caitians, KDF gets Borg Gorn. Only Borgified versions as Doffs.
T'Ong Nebula: Andorians(Fed), Klingons(KDF)
D'Kel Star Cluster: Mirror Universe Humans(without FF)
Eridon Nebula: Saurians(Fed), Nausicaans(KDF)
Azlesa Expanse: Vulcans(Fed), Letheans(KDF)

It'd be nice to see the rarer races more often.