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07-04-2012, 08:03 AM
The TOS Advisory Council would like to officially release the new TOS Qan Mang Fleet Website to all of you KDF lovers out there!


We are trying to keep the two websites linked in together for the "Greater Fleet" unity so if you have one character in the one fleet please think about adding one to the other fleet in order to keep up on all the happenings. Jeff has also added a RSS Feed on each site to try to help share the communications.

Please check out the new website and make sure if you have an KDF related topics that you put them on the Qan Mang site. If you have started some KDF related topics on the TOS Veterans forums (under the Klingon Forum section) we will be keeping that forum up for another week so you will be able to re-post them on the new site. Also feel free to post more Klingon related information on the new site.

Any questions, concerns of ideas please feel free to PM the Chancellor or a member of the High Council and we will do what we can.
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