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Originally Posted by alastorforthrigh View Post
I love the guys who sit around in Cure Space and don't do anything the whole mach and then try and ninja the optional, and if the optional is failed, call all of us newbs and then bail.
had one interesting Cure space normal on this thought.

game starts like normal, everyone waits for the others to make their moves. everyone moves first, forward. hokay, I go right, as usual then. one other guy followed me. out of the three one carrier was camping (that might be forgiveable), and another cruiser was camping too, but BEHIND the carrier, and one guy was flying around. I wrote in the chat after 2 mins if they thought this through, the "one guy" lol'd and came to help. now everything seemed fine, until the first cube was down (we had good dps, so it was still in time). I go immediately to the other cube, since two is more then enough to defend even against the raptors. now the rest didnt think that, so I had to destroy 5 probes til I saw another friendly, and when we killed the rest the third guy showed up for the cube.
and with the last the rest was on the third cube with me (after I destroyed 3 nanites, since the one raptor that was left and the two neghvars were quite a challange), and we finished happily.

the funny thing is, we even got the optional. I honestly do not know how we managed that (maybe I was not the onlyone who had a ship equipped for elite, I dunno), since we averaged 2 ppl at the cubes still I had a good laugh, which was not spoiled by a bitter ending