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07-04-2012, 06:23 PM
I've actually had a string of pretty bad ones lately.
Luckily, I've been running with my regular wingman, so we've been able to successfully salvage most of them.

Here's a little of what I've seen...

- ISE: There's always at least one person who doesn't know what the 10% rule is.
And after messing up the first one, and gets it explained to them... will mess it up again.
Also, apparently people think it's a good idea to split the teams firepower between the gate and Tac cube. Because focusing one down quickly makes too much sense. (/sarcasm)

- CSE: Nobody wants to hold their post. I've seen so many people do BoP duty on left or center, then just stop, leaving their post wide open.
In my Vo'Quv, I'm always on BoP duty. But it seems like I always get left to do BoP/Raptor duty for all 3 cubes, while everyone else goes all "Ooh, SHINY!". (yes, not even the BoP/Raptors from the cube EVERYONE is working on).
Also, if you're firing on the probes of a cube... yes, you are expected to take out that cube's spawns.

- KASE: Nobody wants to do Probe Duty.
For instance, 4 people on the left, and 2 probes slip through.
Now, I admit I was on the left. I was on my spec'd tank, and was holding down aggro on the cube at the time. Maybe I should have tried to handle that too, but call me crazy for expecting one of the other 3 guys to handle it.
Also, for those who spawn a cube, and get spanked by it... please, don't spawn it if you can't tank it or kill it.
While I CAN pull it off of you, hold aggro on the other cube AND take hits from the gate (while healing your busted hull), it's not efficient. You're just making everyone's life harder. Including yours.

- People in skittle-boats invariably end up being the worst people on the team. Not just not knowing what to do, but have an uncanny knack for doing the completely wrong thing at the wrong time.

- Even though Escorts, Sci ships and Cruisers play to a certain career's strength, apparently very few people want to maximize their effectiveness.
If I decide to put my Eng in a BoP, it'll be restricted to solo play. We all want to be special little snowflakes, and I'm all for that. I'll just do it when it doesn't affect anyone else.

- Almost forgot...
Carriers. Please keep those pets on a leash. Thx!

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