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as far as boff slots go, the patrol escort is beloved as is, many would hate to lose the COM/LTC tac station combo on it. the saber is a new addition, and is really just a small general purpose ship, it would make sense for it to not be so tactically focused, wile at the same time being a tad weak because of its size. a simple escort with a LTC eng station is something i have wanted for a wile, all the extras on the armatige is kind of a turn off.
I guess I can see not wanting to change the layout on an upgrade of an already established ship. To be honest, I am not entirely sure why the fleet and non -fleet ships would have different layouts at all.

It does seem like the Sabre has gotten the same raw deal as the nova: same setup as an existing ship, but otherwise inferior stats, and thus, no reason to pick it other than the ship model. The Sabre doesn't even get the turn rate bonus like the Nova does. I still think a universal slot would be cool to have on the sabre, have it trade hitpoints for versatility.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the Armitage, you aren't forced to use the hangar or the console (and the fleet version won't come with one), which are the only 'extras' I can think of.
if any sci ship should have a LTC tac station, its the intrepid, and also an engineering ENS station. the hospital ship should be the fleet sci ship with 5 science consoles and COM/LTC/ENS sci stations. the odds of that happening arent great though, so i can settle on the nova having the LTC tac station.
I hadn't thought of giving it better engineering capabilities, but I totally agree with you about the Intrepid being the ship with a LtC tactical and tac console. Given what we know about the ship, it was somewhat more militaristic than many other long distance craft. While not a full blown escort, it was said to be somewhat up armed. The Nova, on the other hand, was stated to be a short ranged research craft that just does science stuff; it's basically the oberth replacement. Given that, it would make sense to me for the SV-R and F-SVR to have the layout the LRSV-R has
with the fleet version possibly having 5 science consoles while the LRSV-R and FLSVR-R having the LtC. tec slot and extra tac consoles. Unfortunately, they already gave us a retrofit intrepid with a full on science setup, so changing things could prove problematic.