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07-04-2012, 10:27 PM
It's not the worst but it could be.
In the channel elitestf, I joined a private stf. It was KASE. I already played with some guy. So then I know what is their skill and they know mine. One said I take probe on the right. Another said I take probes on the left. And the owner said I take left. All on the right. Another guy asked 10% on the gate or kill it? Nobody answered.
We started. We killed the Tac cube really quickly. And everyone went on the right. Suddenly the owner said "need on all". To be honest I didn't understand what this does mean and nobody answered. 2 probes passed out and the owner said "we lost optionnals". Someone said why? And the owner said it's because there is no one to take probe on the left. Someone went to the left to take probes. And the owner with two player got scold because we didn't understand his order. Finally because nobody answered the question. We killed the gate. And again the owner scold us.
Because it's elite stf with experienced players from elitestf channel. We did our job. Only two probes passed out and we didn't run the stf longer. I don't want imagine with pug...