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Originally Posted by dapperdrake View Post
Yesterday night I ran a really weird KASE.
We started wrong. Not together but one by one. And then the Tac cube shoot us one by one...
We killed it. I went on the left taking probe. A fed tac went on the right taking probes.
3 players had to kill nodes, cubes and transformers. One said something. And they realized they are from Texas. So then they went into a stupid blahblah about Texas. Texas rules, America is best. Whole of world is ****. English speakers as second language are b****. And... We totaly failed Because while they were busy to say bad words against everything is not from Texas. They forgot to play

That's hilarious LOL thanks for sharing it.

While I run a fleet of rednecks, they don't seem to make the mistake of going AMERICA F YEAH when the Borg is shooting them and expect such speeches to do any sort of DPS to the enemy.

Nations' pride is only applicable if Optional is won. Pfft. Lol!

From my post above yours the guy flaming us for saying good morning was "from certain central European nation" - so displays of national pride can backfire too!

(Disclaimer - I'm pro US and currently -not- living in the USA, just found it funny )
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