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If you're going to call "I got Kang," don't wander off to left side and pew-pew at the nanite stack by yourself (ignoring the incoming raptors the whole time).

Admittedly, the "I HAZ AWESOME [censored] AOE DPS" in team chat from the same individual gave me warning about what kind of person this was, so I quietly protected the Kang instead.

Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
- People in skittle-boats invariably end up being the worst people on the team. Not just not knowing what to do, but have an uncanny knack for doing the completely wrong thing at the wrong time.
Skittleboats that just spam BFAW...

I'm sure if you're an addled candy-raver it looks REALLY COOL. But it's not especially effective at killing anything.
"I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick."

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