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# 656 Eeee Gads!!!!
07-05-2012, 12:18 AM
There is Was..........

Cure Normal Space.

I puged in and saw two oddys, a klink and a kitty.

I said 'Hi' as normal, no responce.

I zipped on over to the first cube and fired a couple shots at the nodes.

I look back and all four of the other ships were setting at the Kang.

So I figured I'd conduct an experament.

I flew back to the Kang and just sat there with the others.

One of the oddys was firing his technicolor rainbow beams, the Klink was doing nothing and the Kitty had some little knats buzzing around.

I sat my weapons power on minimum (Stun) and fired away every once in a while at a Borg ships closing on the Kang.

The Klink was still doing nothing and an oddy was doing nothing. The other oddy was firing away with his technicolor rainbow beams and the Kitty had these little knats buzzing around it.

Within a few minutes the Kang was surrounded and destroyed.

About that time everybody started shouting Noobe Noobe Noobe.

It was hiilarious.