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Originally Posted by beezle23 View Post

If you're going to call "I got Kang," don't wander off to left side and pew-pew at the nanite stack by yourself (ignoring the incoming raptors the whole time).

Admittedly, the "I HAZ AWESOME [censored] AOE DPS" in team chat from the same individual gave me warning about what kind of person this was, so I quietly protected the Kang instead.

Skittleboats that just spam BFAW...

I'm sure if you're an addled candy-raver it looks REALLY COOL. But it's not especially effective at killing anything.

Did KAS normal earlier, as it's was running as an 'extra loot' calender event, and I frequently do normals if am pressed for time (which doesn't always work out well!)

The line up was:

Odyssey rainbow beam boat
Fleet Escort rainbow beam boat
Vor'cha rainbow beam boat (have to say, first time I've seen this on a klink ship!)
Sovereign with antiproton beams and Tricolbalt torps
Myself - Sao Paulo class with antiproton cannons and MkXII quantum torps (MkXI aft)

Needless to say, the only two ships doing any real damage were the Sovereign, which had impressive DPS, and myself.

Honourable mention must go to the Fleet Escort too - he tried chasing two probes down, to prevent them reaching the vortex, but his pretty beams were doing next to nothing. The player in the Sovereign shot over to assist and, thankfully, did what the Fleet Escort couldn't. The sad thing is, I made sure to take occasional glances at what the ineffective FE was doing and he did the exact same thing with the next duo of probes that appeared - chased them, shooting his useless rainbow beams, until they were almost in reach of the vortex, until I bailed him out. I remained on probe control duty after that, although almost wished I hadn't, as think that the FE player might have realised how useless his ship was if some probes had gotten through.

What is it about these players? Honestly? I mean, how can these players not notice that their firepower is horribly underwhelming?!

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