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So for my upcoming libereted borg character i decieded to fork out some ec and equip her with the best away team money can buy! So can anyone suggest what weapons, armor, kit and shields ahould i equip these boffs with?

Of course maco, omega and honour guard items are out of the question because they just take to long to grind.

1. Photonic Tactical Officer

2. Libereted Borg Engineer Officer

3. Caitian Tactical Officer

4. Aenar Science Officer
Really depends on your BOFF traits. The "best" setup is to use a set of Space BOFFs with the 'Efficient' trait to increase your ship power levels, then run a seperate set of four BOFFs for Ground missions.

The "Best" ground BOFF setup depends heavilly on what role your captain is going to take. For Example: if you're a Tac specialising in Grenades, then you'll want more shield stripping BOFF powers, so your ideal team will have more Science Officers in it. If you yourself are a Sci officer, then you'd be better served by stripping shields yourself and therefore you'll want more Tacs and Engineers to stack up damage from Photon Grenades or Quantum Mortars.

Generally though I've found that Tactical Officers are "optional", but having at least one Sci with a few healing abilities is a must. Engineers with higher-tier Fabrication abilities and a Pulsewave weapon are generally the best option for DPS, and they can take a Shield Recharge Power to keep you topped up in combat. The only notable exception I've found is the Photonic Tactical BOFF from the Ferengi Lobi Crystal store - that thing is a complete beast.

Personally, I usually run with one Melee Tac officer, Two Engineers and a Sci.

Weapons should always be Pulsewaves or Bat'leths. Armors either [Physical Augmentation Armor] or [Energy Harness Armor]. Shields are up to you, but I really like the [Personal Mobility Shield]. Oh, and always give them a Tribble and a Remodulator (apart from Melees, since Bat'leths don't need remodulating).

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