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Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
But i will accept all advice on other ships i can move past my Picardism for Gal-r and help my team the best in stfs. So please give me serious advice on what ship will perform the best in leet stfs.
Sovereign is your best bet, out of the options you listed.

What you'll probably want to do first is glance over some of the STF guide threads again, to refresh your memory of the different roles. If you're been playing pure DPS for a while, you've probably settled into a groove by now.

Your role will basically be sustained DPS and tanking/support.

Basic Sovereign BOFF loadout is:

Tac Powers: 2x Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1 (DPS) or BFAW II (Tanking)
[Note: you can get away with using a Conn Officer DOFF or two and using only one copy of Tac Team here - I'd suggest either BFAW1 or Torpedo Spread I]

Sci Powers: Hazard emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength II

Engineering Powers: 2x EPTW1, 2x EPTS2 (or 3), 1 copy of Aux2SIF, 1 copy of Extend Shields, and either RSP or Eject Warp Plasma.

Recommended Consoles include the usual 3x Energy Damage Tactical Consoles and Borg Universal Console, plus "Vent Theta Radiation" from the lockbox reward pack, and at least two armor consoles - Neutronium or Monotanium. The rest is up to you, though extra Shield Capacity won't hurt if you've spare science console slots.

Weapon loadout should be either Dual Beam Banks and Turrets (maximum Fore DPS) or Beam Arrays (maximum Broadside DPS). You'll also want at least one torpedo launcher (Quantum) if you're using Torpedo Spread. Ideally your maximum damage potential will be two Fore Photon Launchers and two Purple Projectile weapon DOFFs, combined with two Fore Dual Beam banks and a bunch of Aft Turrets... but that loadout will require you to keep your ship pointed at the enemy at all times, which can be tricky if you're used to flying the far more manuverable Escorts.

Weapon Type should be Disruptors or Antiprotons. Usually disruptors for preference, as the resistance debuff increases the damage output of your entire team, not just you (this is also why Attack Pattern Beta is such a good DPS tool on STFs)

Equipment loadout should be a good Shield (typically MACO) and either two or three pieces of the Borg set (usually Console and Engine, Deflector can be MACO). You can swap MACO out for Omega if you prefer Tetryon Glider over the +5% power recharge bonus... but you'll be considerably squishier against Borg Heavy Plasma Torpedos.

You're basically going to be the ship that Tanks the Cubes, and throws the Escorts a few buffs and heals when they pull too much aggro. You can be a good solid Kang Defender, though you'll probably not be able to fulfil that role "solo" since you'll struggle to kill a wave of Raptors by yourself before they start firing on the Kang. If you're opting for the [2x Photon Torpedo Launcher + Fore DBB/Aft Turret] setup, you'll also be very good at killing Unshielded Borg structures like Gateways and Transformers.

In terms of skillpoint allocation, the only real difference to a good Escort build would be that you should really take at least 6 points in "Starship Threat Control", in order to increase your threat rating and make enemies more likely to fire on you instead of the higher-DPS Escorts.

Hope that helps...

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