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Originally Posted by hrci2907 View Post
So for my upcoming libereted borg character i decieded to fork out some ec and equip her with the best away team money can buy! So can anyone suggest what weapons, armor, kit and shields ahould i equip these boffs with?

Of course maco, omega and honour guard items are out of the question because they just take to long to grind.

1. Photonic Tactical Officer

2. Libereted Borg Engineer Officer

3. Caitian Tactical Officer

4. Aenar Science Officer
The setup looks good. I play the same with a melee tac and a buff, debuff tac. The only thing is that I would kick the Liberated Borg Eng. One of her traits is Efficient and is a space-skill. If you take her with you you would "waste" one ground-skill, which could be usefull. I recommend a Andorian for example, because they can be beasts in ground-combat.

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