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Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
- KASE: Nobody wants to do Probe Duty.
For instance, 4 people on the left, and 2 probes slip through.
Now, I admit I was on the left. I was on my spec'd tank, and was holding down aggro on the cube at the time. Maybe I should have tried to handle that too, but call me crazy for expecting one of the other 3 guys to handle it.
Also, for those who spawn a cube, and get spanked by it... please, don't spawn it if you can't tank it or kill it.
While I CAN pull it off of you, hold aggro on the other cube AND take hits from the gate (while healing your busted hull), it's not efficient. You're just making everyone's life harder. Including yours.
i love this one! i was in a KASE yesterday. i am on one side and 4 on the other. i'm in my armitage all level 12, so i know i can handle it. i'm taking out probes and then start taking fire. cubes love my armitage and i had one right above me that i failed to notice had snuck up on me.

i took out the cube and had to rush to get a couple of probes at the last second. it was close. a couple of the guys on the other side start calling me a noob and asking if i know what i'm doing. i ignore them and continue to do probes, gens and transformers.

all of a sudden probes and spheres start pouring out of the gateway. they destroyed the gateway on their side without a 10% check or warning. i'm overwhelmed and one of them says "if he is not a noob he can stop the probes". i was determined not to get destroyed just to show them. they at least worked on the gateway while i cleaned up probes and spheres.

donatra shows up and i realize between the 4 of them they might have as much dps as i do. the fight with donatra was long and miserable with 2 of them dead at any given time. at least i got some good loot.

it seems like anytime a player starts calling other players "noob" you know it is going to be bad.