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LOL I'm not sure this 1 was my worst ... But it is the 1 that sticks out in my memory.... Me and a friend pugged a Kase run together we both went right leaving the rest of the team to go left ..... Well 2 min into it I noticed the other side had let a probe get thru and thought well crap there goes the optional ... anyway my teamate who was catching probes on our side noticed more of their probes getting close so darted off to help them and noticed not 1 of the 3 ppl over on other side was even watching the probes ... So he said something about it ... And the response he got back was it doesnt matter if the probes get thru .... We dont have enough DPS to stop them so we concentrating on the bigger stuff... LMFAO... 1st off Dont play Elite STF's if you arent gonna at least try for the optional ... 2nd off if you dont have enough DPS for the probes what in the hell do you really think your doing to the bigger stuff... lol
this is about the funniest post i have ever read. sad, but funny. not able to destroy a probe is really bad.