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07-05-2012, 08:10 AM
Dawns best Cappy ware 2411 alt Bacon straps on to keep it pg-13

Then line dances at belle Steels Saloon.. until server pauses excitement for maint on BACON grill.. patching Bacon sizzler stability generally 2 hours of bacon down time..

Bio degradable fashion. .upgradable to Penthouse Showers for rich old geezers to pay rent.. [then i woke up and slapped own face]

Purple MECHA fatale provocateur
Please state your name for the record
Your honour I request this witnesses testimony be stricken for not giving a registered voters name and showing id card.

EVE_X > Your honour is it still contempt to point gauntlet at objectionable defence?

Judge Stewardt> I dont see and reason to disallow Ms X's testomoney Objection over-ruled..

Viper Defence> Can we have a change of venue then?

Judge> NO.
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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