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Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
...i am trying to figure out what cruiser id like to with i have everyone from C-store minus the new monstrosity that is Oddy.
Red01999 gave you a pretty good overall rundown on the ships available.

Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
Not sure what role I want to fill as tank or support(healer for kang ).
As an Engineer in a Cruiser you should focus on Tanking first, and then support second.

As an Engineer you have quite a bit leeway with regards to your powers selection, and can be more generous to your group with regards to tossing out heals.

However, the flip-side is that as an Engineer in a Cruiser no one is more suited to soaking damage then you.

Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
Now with that out of the way i am huge canon trek i am really leaning towards sovy and gal-r ...but i have looking over the forums and its seems Gal-r is frowned upon at this point in the sto gameplay.
Stick with the Sovy.

The Gal-R has two main drawbacks:

1) Terrible turn rate with no real appreciable bonus area to justify it.
2) Poorer than average BOFF layout, especially as an Engineer. You really do not need that many, low level, Engineering BOFF powers.

A good player could play this ship, tank the hell out of everything and no one would say a word - but if you want to nitpick pretty much every other Cruiser available is better designed than this one, which is very unfortunate.

Fortunately for you, that means the "free" Sovy is your choice of ship, and its a very good one.

It's primarily set up to tank, with an extra Tac option. Rather than think of the Tac option as some sudden, massive boost of DPS (which it isn't, in the grand scheme of things) - take a look at the whole ship and what different overall BOFF layouts you can do with it.

Now with that out of the way, you can pretty much take any cruiser onto Elite STFs and with quite a few BOFF layouts and make them work.

Since this is your first foray into Elites, and beyond that Tanking on Elite, I think we should err on the side of caution and go for a very tanky focused set up.


1) Tanking Elites in the Pug queue has got to be one of the more frustrating, thankless things you can do in this game. And you will blow up, because no one will support you.

2) Join one of the STF channels, EliteSTF is a join by invite (all you need to do is send @Tilarta and in-game e-mail and request access). You still won't get much support in tanking, but the teams and strategies will generally be better than the PUG queue, and that will make your life easier.

3) You're not going to be tanking on STFs anything without at least 6 ranks in Threat Control - I went for 9 on my Eng, but 6 is probably sufficient. There's no going back from this outside of a respec, and you really don't want to fly an Escort with 6 ranks in threat control. So be sure this is for you.

OK, some options:

ENG Cmdr: EPTW 1 > RSP 1 > EPTS 3 > Aux to SIF 3
ENG Lt Cmdr: EPTW 1 > RSP 1 > EPTS 3
TAC Lt: BFAW 1 > APB 1 or BFAW 2
TAC Ens: TT 1
SCI Lt: PH 1 > HE 2

Requires 2x Purple Tac CONN DOFFs for chaining 1 copy of TT 1 permanently.
*If you can't afford 2x Purples, slot 2 Blues and 1 Green until you can.

You have 2x RSP because you don't have TSS.
You don't have TSS because you want PH for tractor beams, and HE for a second hull heal (and clearing hazard debuffs).

This is a very selfish build that focuses only on you, it is a terrible idea for team PvP of any kind.

Please don't use it there

It is however very effective for Elite STFs.

ENG Cmdr: EPTW 1 > RSP 1 > EPTS 3 > Aux to SIF 3
ENG Lt Cmdr: EPTW 1 > ET 2 > EPTS 3
TAC Lt: BFAW 1 > APB 1 or BFAW 2
TAC Ens: TT 1
SCI Lt: HE 1 > TSS 2

Takes TSS 2 because you only have 1 copy of RSP to deal with shields going down.

This build does not use the Tac Team DOFFs, as you have a copy of ET you want to be able to use and chaining TT will interfere with it when the time comes.

This build is able to tank, and provide a bit more support than the above build.

Its susceptible to tractor beams because there is, for some reason, no Engineering ability that clears tractor beams.

I find that annoying, I also find being tractored even more annoying. Its sometimes fatal, but mostly its just really freaking annoying.

These are two builds that will work and do pretty much exactly what you want them to do.

There are a lot of variations possible, but these two are guaranteed to be rock solid and are what I would suggest to someone jumping into a cruiser on elites with threat control for the first time.

Without threat control, the above two builds are really bad ideas as no one will be shooting you, you will be doing low damage and will basically be nearly-dead weight.

You can avoid being dead weight if you don't have threat control by heavily focusing on healing others, I think that's a waste of time on Elite STFs since NPCs are dumb and they will not ignore you with 6 ranks of threat and it's generally more efficient, easier (and more fun, for me anyway) to just tank stuff and keep yourself alive.

Anywhere from 6 to 8 Beam Arrays. Use 6 as your minimum.
Anything else you slot is mostly for fun, but your bread and butter is minimum 6 Beam Arrays.

People will tell you Antiproton are the best, they are. Disruptors are excellent too (and probably add more overall damage by boosting your team mates than any contribution AP is going to give an engineer using beams).

That being said for a canon stickler, if you want to go Phasers then go for it.

The loss in DPS as an Engineer (or really any captain) is minimal for beams in a Cruiser.

Yes the phaser proc is pointless (against the borg), no it doesn't matter.

You could take any random PUG strapped head to crotch with AP weapons and a team of good players using all rainbow boats & skittle shooters will out do them every single time.

MACO shield (even MK X will do, but if you've been running Normal STFs you should have enough EDCs for a MK XI)
Borg Deflector
Borg Engine

Stack of Shield Batts
Stack of Aux Batts
Subspace Field Modulator
Anything (Red Matter, Deployable Turrets, etc.)

ENG: 2x MK XI Rare Neutroniums, 1x Borg Assimilated Console, 1x Option (your choice here, RCS is kind of a waste, I would use either a third Neutronium or one of the Cstore consoles like Theta off the Exchange or the Phaser PDS if you are using Phasers, etc.).
SCI: 2x Field Generators (+18% Shield Capacity)
TAC: 3x Single Energy Damage Console (so if you're using Phasers use all Phaser Relays).

Someone will inevitably come and post a fine PvP build, which is fine if you want to PvP, and PvP on teams at that.

That's great, but in PvE a power like Extend Shields is pointless because the Borg aren't smart enough to focus fire your Escort friend out of existence they will, reliably, shoot you with your massive hull and massive threat control.

If you want to PvP, it's very easy to simply have some alternate BOFFs for PvP team healing and support set ups.

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