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07-05-2012, 07:22 AM
Useful STF cruiser abilities. These are abilities I've found useful, you may not be able to have them all at once, depending on your build and chosen ship.


BFAW - A must have. Your primary job is to get aggression off the Escorts. This is the go to ability.
Beam Overload - Also nice to have when you need to help finish those last couple percentage points.
Tactical Team - Self explanatory.
High Yield Torpedo - If you find yourself with a free slot, this makes for a nice little bonus move to help keep the attention of the bigger stuff on you.
Target Shield Systems - Payback is a beautiful thing with the Borg. Even against the big stuff, you can get lucky and strip their shields for the DPS guys.
Attack Patterns - Beta and Omega are the best to use, if you can get them. Delta's a good alternate.


Reverse Shield Polarity - Since you will find yourself being hit from all sides, this ability really comes into its own.
Engineering Team - Again, self explanatory, also helpful when your supporting someone else who has aggro.
Emergency Power to Structural Integrity - This one's key in two scenarios. 1) You're engineering team is on cooldown after a Tac Team use. 2) Paired with Engineering Team after you've been hammerfrakked by a crit and survived by the skin of your teeth.
Emergency Power to Weapons - Its hard to keep aggro when your beam arrays aren't firing...
Directed Energy Modulation - Getting through their shields as soon as possible. The faster percentage of hull drops, the better.


Tractor Beam Repulsors - Good emergency crowd control. Can be a lifesaver in Infected and Khitomer Accord when nanites and probes swarm. In KA, hit this ability and Evasive Maneuvers, and you can push a wave of probes from the threshold of the portal all the way back to the gate.
Polarize Hull - Solid tanking ability with the excellent benefit of Tractor Beam Immunity. This one can make the difference between a good tank and a pretty explosion.