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07-05-2012, 10:17 AM
Thing is, even the LRSV isn't really "designed" for any one particular thing, unlike the others. It has three science stations, but only four science console slots in comparison to the DSSV's two and five, respectively. I think that's what is going to kill the LRSV when compared to the other science ships: adding another tac slot to a ship designed primarily for science won't help it. Sure, you can run the torp boat like every other science vessel designed for dps, but that's a game-design- and countless-nerfs-fault.

I actually think that the Nova will be used a lot, if nothing else but for the fact that it has higher shields and comparable hull of the MVAE. This lets many escort pilots try out a zippy science vessel that simply decided to swap out its comm tac for a comm sci. Now, I realize the RecSV will still probably out-tank and out-dps the Nova, but I think we can just pin the blame on the devs not tiering these new ship properly...something that is more to the detriment of the new Fleetscort than to the Nova.