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07-05-2012, 10:04 AM
It appears no one has mentioned the Excelsor class Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit. Technically its a RA and not a VA ship but its still a Tier V.

Before I got my Oddy pack I ran my AHCR like crazy.

Its hull is the same as the Assault Cruiser and Star Cruisers. But its slightly more tactically focused with a Lt. Cmdr Tac Slot. On mine I ran that 3rd Tac Boff Skill for torpedo spread as my "Plow the Road" skill (wipe out all the mines, drones, Borg Torps of Doom). You can also use that 3rd tac slot for Pattern Delta and fire it off as a buff to your allies (you can also have a tac team as a team buff for that BOFF as well).

I just started using Aux2SIF and I'm a believer, its a very versatile skill. I use it on my Sci and Eng toons (Nebula and Oddy respectively). It allows you to be a healer and a tank with the same skill based on who your aiming it at. To tank pop an aux battery and/or EPSxfer and fire off Aux2SIF, Polarize or Hazard, and EmergtoShields, to Heal pop the battery and target the Aux2SIF, Eng Team, Hazard and a shield buff (say extend III) to your ally- you should be able to do both with the same boff build.

The Excelsior (or 'The Lady' as I call her) is a sort of Tanking, Healing, Tactical Cruiser. Cruisers are meant to be flexible and besides the Oddy the Excelsior is about as flexible as they get.
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