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Originally Posted by keppabar42 View Post
If you can spare a slot from heals and such, extend shields can be really useful for Cure space elite. Or just for using on any DPS guy who managed to pull agro away from you.
It can be, but nearly every team will have at least 3 people, and more likely 5, with tac team, and Transfer shield strength.

It's not really one cruisers job to sit there and heal kang, in fact that's a humongous waste of time.

The tanking cruiser should be bulldozing into cubes, neghvar and raptors so the rest of the team can just hammer away at them.

Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
A word on Aux2SIF though: It's not a heal. Well, ok, it is, but it's also a pretty big damage resistance buff. Aux2SIF is available a lot more regularly than Engineering Team, but the main benefit of it to a Tank/Support build is that the uptime (compared to the cooldown) of the Damage Resistance buff it grants is really, really good. If you use it on a ship that's taking damage (or better yet, a ship that is ABOUT to receive damage) then that ship will take LESS damage, meaning that any subsequent heals become more effective.

I also think it's not commonly known just how strong this power is while running high aux through power management or even just popping a cheap battery.

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It appears no one has mentioned the Excelsor class Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit.
I left it out because the OP gave his two choices of preference, the Gal-R and the Sovy.

Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
Its hull is the same as the Assault Cruiser and Star Cruisers. But its slightly more tactically focused with a Lt. Cmdr Tac Slot. On mine I ran that 3rd Tac Boff Skill for torpedo spread as my "Plow the Road" skill (wipe out all the mines, drones, Borg Torps of Doom).

It's exceedingly rare you will face 5 unshielded targets, making one of the main benefits of TS3 moot.