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07-05-2012, 10:46 AM
I've been flying the Atrox for a bit, great ship. This ship does two things very well, and only does these two things. The first is tanking. It can tank like no tomorrow, and can endlessly keep up against elite borg cubes. Tac cubes give it a challenge though. I personally run with a lot of double Boff skills, double tac team, for the shield distribution, double transfer shield strength, for shield regen, and double emergency power too shields, for constant 125 shield power.

The other half of this ship is a healer, and field control. Healer primary. Use double shield transfers and double hazard emitters for that, that way you can keep a constant regen for your ship going, on both hull and shields. Most tacticals will be repaired with one each, and cruisers can get 3/4 of their health back with just one hazard emitter. If you'd like, extend shields can help as well, and we shouldn't forget about science or engineering team either, but I find with double tac teams, the cool down for them can be very long.

The last part is field control. I use eject warp plasma, and gravity well, combined with danaube runabouts for field control, most times that works just fine.

Everything else can just go according to taste. A carrier isn't meant to be a frontline assault ship, leave those to the tacticals and dreadnaughts. It's meant to be a mobile hospital with fighter support. If you really want to deal more damage, I've heard peregrine fighters can be quite potent.