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Originally Posted by tymersto View Post
If you just logged into the website, that's not gonna do it.
After you've logged in, you need to click on 'My Account'. Once that page is up, click on 'Create/Manage Subscriptions'. That will give you another login prompt w/captha.

After you login, another login page, of sorts, will come up telling you to check your e-mail. The Account Guard code will be in a e-mail. Copy/paste or type the AG code where prompted to and finish the log in.

Once logged into your account info, click Main Menu. With the Main Menu options displayed, click on 'Manage Account Guard'. You can then manage or turn off Account Guard.

Thank you for the time...
Not finding this, either via game or website. In game, it tells me to "Halt Cadet! Area of website blah blah blah". Out of game, when I get to the PWE Billing page via My Account, I'm not getting any Manage Account Guard options.

Any ideas?