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07-05-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post
Fixing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit consoles to 3Tact, 3Eng, 4Sci.

Increasing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel and Science VEssel Refit turn rate to 15.

interesting, thats going to be 1 zipy sci ship. in case you check back in this thread,

1. were did the fleet assault cruiser go? its not in the tribble ship store any more. i hope your not changing that very interesting station setup it had.

2. is there any chance you could consider changing the fleet galaxy's stations and consoles? what is proposed is not useful at all, and inferior to the negvar which at least has 3 tactical consoles and a universal ensign. 4/3/3 console setup is needed, and at least the ensign station universal, it not both LT stations too.

the first thread linked in my sig goes over all concerns i have which whats proposed ship wise, and has feedback on each. please have a look at that!
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