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Well said sir.
A good fleet and DOFFing are the two things which have kept me interested in the game in 2012. It's not always easy, especially in a larger fleet with lots of veteran members. But there is always a cycle to things, people step away from the game and return, new players come in and need guidance, and you just never know when you'll click with someone through humor or a well-timed offer of assistance.

Now it's Starbases. Spending time understanding the system so that I can answer any question thrown out in fleet or voice chat. Posting a "primer" and screenshots in our fleet forum for those not on Tribble. Being an ambassador to meet other advanced Tribble fleets. Building up the bank reserves and flying in tactical wings to grind out Marks. Season 6 is the right system at the right point of this newly F2P game. The growing pains are there too, but we all know to expect it.

You don't have to appreciate the social component of a MMO to enjoy the mechanics of the game, but it's most definitely there to be appreciated. Sometimes it's good to leave the forum pessimism behind, and see people you recognise who are stoked about inviting you to their new ship's bridge. People who just want to blow some stuff up with you. Or actually being pleased that someone else got the rare drop. It changes the game. It makes the "daily grind" just that much more of an escape from the real daily grind.

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