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before I put my build down plz note my toon is tac but i love to tank lol. it works....

USS Ark Royal

Fore: 2x phaser dual heavy M XI purple, 1x Quantum torp MK XI purple
Aft: 3x phaser turret MK XI rare

i'm running 3 piece borg with MK XII MACO shields

engineering: 1x field emitter 2x ablative hull armor
science: 1x biofunction monitor 3x field generator
tactical: 1x borg console 1x phaser relay
hanger: 2x adv runabout

USS Lexington

fore: 2x phaser beam array MK XII 1x quantum torp
Aft: 3x phaser beam array

at this point the engines, shield, deflector, and consoles are the same as the Atrox with the difference being the atrox shield hp is around 14k and the nebula shield hp is at 16k.

i'm still testing what shields are better. so far the MACO seem better overall then the aegis.