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# 4 Something to ponder...
07-05-2012, 12:33 PM
Our solo-gaming stories sound similar, though I've yet to PvP even once, let alone join a fleet, though your post has me rethinking things.

After hearing horror stories of PvP-noob massacres, I'd always shied away from MMORPGs. In fact, STO was my first. It had to be. I was in front of our family's 25" B/W console on the evening of 8 September 1966.

Now, my main fear is, as a fleet novice, I'd be "holding up the game." But that sounds like my problem, since hearing about your great experience. Fleet quests would certainly open up a lot of new content for me. And, to be honest, I'd would sincerely appreciate some help kicking some Crystalline Entity ass.

As to the title of this post, I wonder... You praise the fleet folk for their patience. Could it be that the community here is more forgiving and eager to help BECAUSE this is "Star Trek"? Let's face it: Even the most bloodthirsty, Klingon gamer-warrior has to have some affinity for the vision of The Great Bird of the Galaxy. A hope in one's heart for a future where everyone is cooperative, peaceful, evolved, and content. Most Trekkies I've known tend to be kind, generous people. Why shouldn't that spill over into our virtual reality, as well?

Peace and long life, Commodore.