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I picked up the Theta Radiation Vent for my escort yesterday (because I was out-maneuvered by a Jem'Hadar bug that was flying circles around me earlier this week).

To make room for it, I took out my EPS Flow Regulator console. When I went to go try the setup out on an elite STF mission, I noticed that my weapon power levels was not recharging to full power between each volley.

With the EPS Flow Regulator console (+70%), my weapon subsystem would be at full power, except for once every 3 or 4 volleys. My power transfer rate at with the console is 277%.

Without the EPS Flow Regulator console, my weapon subsystem was struggling to get at full power, and was only able to achieve full power after every 3 or 4 volleys. It usually would reach 118 - 120 most of the time. My power transfer rate without the console is 207%.

I tested this numerous times, and I could definitely see there is a difference with and without the console.

I was thinking of eventually swapping out the Theta Radiation Vent for AMS at some point, but I figured I would ask the vets' opinions on this.

Could there be any possible other explanation for why this is happening? I'm cycling through the same abilities like I normally would.

Should I be striving for full power with each volley? Or are the P2W consoles more useful?