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07-05-2012, 04:14 PM
I rather think he was describing his own post.

I considered doing the same thing he is, turn my alt-fleet in an open fleet of some kind, free of some of the idiosynchrosies that bugged me so much in other fleets. (Drama mostly, not just the 'bad kind'. I can actually shrug that off relatively easily. It's this whole 'we're a family' thing that makes my skin crawl. And the ranks. Specifically the existance of lower ranks. I tend to prefer to pretend none of this Vega Colony ensign-in-command stuff ever happened, so I replaced them with clearance levels myself.) But I'm having some utterly mindboggling technical SNAFUs right now, so this is hardly a good time for me to go and make sudden, unannounced absenses on my part into a potential problem for others anyway.

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