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Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post
Fixing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit consoles to 3Tact, 3Eng, 4Sci.

Increasing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel and Science VEssel Refit turn rate to 15.

Awesome, thanks Geko. It's nice to hear the Console issue is being fixed, and the turn rate buff is a nice surprise.

Have you considered, though, giving the Science vessel Retrofit the same Boff layout as the Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit? The LtC tac slot is something science vessels have needed for some time now, and it would be nice to have a less powerful (and free) ship that also has that slot in addition to the fleet version having it.

Originally Posted by mehen View Post
Thing is, even the LRSV isn't really "designed" for any one particular thing, unlike the others. It has three science stations, but only four science console slots in comparison to the DSSV's two and five, respectively. I think that's what is going to kill the LRSV when compared to the other science ships: adding another tac slot to a ship designed primarily for science won't help it. Sure, you can run the torp boat like every other science vessel designed for dps, but that's a game-design- and countless-nerfs-fault.
The FDSSV having the 5th science slot rather than the FLRSV-R does strike me as a bit odd. I was talking more about how the non-fleet version was set up when the ship first came out: they opted to give it a science ensign. that choice was in line with the other VA ships that came out at the time with the ensign bridge officer slots being on class. My point is that now that we have more ships, the layout makes a little less sense. Given what we know about the Intrepid and Nova classes from Star trek Voyager, the two ships should have their Boff and console layouts swapped: the SV-R should have Lt tac and eng, with the LtC, Cmdr and Ens slots being science since it's canonical role was straight up research vessel, and the LRSV-R should have the Ltc tac since the Intrepid has pretty good tactical systems (and being a long range vessel a Lt and Ens eng slot with the Cmdr and other LT slots being sci, would make sense, though that threatens to diminish the science aspects a bit).

That's neither here, nor there, though. It's a bit too late to change it, and at this stage, trying to do it would likely cause problems.

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