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The Dilithium exchange is not meant to work on Tribble - it will screw the economy on Holodeck and the C-Store.

For example;

I have a character with 100,000 Dilithium on Holodeck.
  1. Transfer Character to Tribble
  2. Trade 100,000 dilithium for C-Store Points
  3. Delete Character from Tribble
  4. .... start again at step 1.

This would provide an endless supply of Dilithium to trade for C-Store Points.
It's a TEST server.
How are we supposed to TEST stuff if we can't buy said stuff?
Which brings up another interesting question: Why wasn't the last 3 new ships (3 at least) available for testing or even to BUY from the Cash-Store on Tribble so that we could actually, I don't know, maybe TEST them on the TEST server?