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Originally Posted by stohanson View Post
Just a suggestion from a new carrier owner... When I launch my fighters (especially in the 15 person events on tribble), I have no idea if my fighters are still up or destroyed. What I would suggest (and like to see) is a small little box on either side of my monitor telling me how many fighters I have deployed and how many are still flying and how many have been destroyed (not cumulative but out of the six i'm able to have out a a time, how many are left).
I would agree with the need for a way to tell how many fighters are deployed. They also need to work on the logic of how it replaces ships when you deploy new wings. Logically, if you have a single hanger, such as with the Armitage, deploying that hanger twice should replace all the fighters you have deployed. The same would be true of the Atrox if you had two different types of hangers equipped. Deploying from one hanger twice should replace both wings of that type of fighter. If you have both hangers of the Atrox deploying the same type of fighter, then deploying each hanger twice should replace all fighters deployed.

However, I have noted that I can deploy both wings from a single hanger (or single hanger type) or deploy both hangers twice when they have the same fighters, and I can still have damaged fighters deployed. That should not be happening. If I deploy a hanger twice, all the fighters spawned by that hanger should be at 100%, but that simply is not always the case.