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Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
Gal-r is frowned upon at this point in the sto gameplay

It performs more-or-less as well as the other options.
While some people consider the 3rd ens eng station less practical, it still holds it's own admirably.
I am currently tanking with it in elite STF's. I have no problems doing my job.

All T5 cruisers are valid in elite STF's.
The thing many are saying is that the boff station loadout on the Star and Assault cruisers are more useful. (and to some extent, the console slots).
It's not that it's frowned upon, just that... for a 1600 C-point ship, a uni ens station would have made it more worth it.

Some creative (and some less imaginative) setups are around to make good use of that 3rd ens eng station. The shield and hull are at LEAST on par with the Star and Assault cruisers.
Sure, the Ody beats it there, in the versatility dept. with 2 uni stations, and the C-Store versions having 10 consoles.
But it's the current flagship of the Federation.
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