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Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
- ISE: There's always at least one person who doesn't know what the 10% rule is.
And after messing up the first one, and gets it explained to them... will mess it up again.
Also, apparently people think it's a good idea to split the teams firepower between the gate and Tac cube. Because focusing one down quickly makes too much sense. (/sarcasm)
So true.
I just got out of one with the following:
-- MVAM with 4 different energy types (it looked pretty when it shot, at least...)
-- Gal-X that couldn't even solo a sphere
-- an eng with ??? (I barely registered this player due to seeming to do nothing)
-- The above three focused on gens one at a time, completely ignoring the cubes above the transformers and my request to get off the gens
-- spawned tons of spheres and then lacked the DPS to down them
-- repeated this on both sides

The DSSV on the team was on the ball, though, trying to snare what he/she could and worked on the cubes with me while I tanked them and then we went sphere hunting.

Interestingly, despite their dying almost every 30-60 seconds, our three other teammates did NOT rack up ship injuries. And they didn't try to take on the cube and the gate at the same time, though they did pull the cube. If they know to heal it and not to split focus at the end, I really can't help myself but wonder if they were trollin' us. STO is not a difficult game, but perhaps players are still just that bad.

All in all this ISE took about four times as long as it should have.

Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
- KASE: Nobody wants to do Probe Duty.
Also, for those who spawn a cube, and get spanked by it... please, don't spawn it if you can't tank it or kill it.
Interestingly, it's been my experience that carrier captains will often volunteer for probe duty as the initial tac cube is engaged. But if you get a bunch of escorts or tac cruisers or whatever on your team, it's likely no one will jump at the easiest (read: least amount of movement) job.

Also super fun is when someone brings out a cube and then kites it to other people so that they can go back to killing defenseless structures. This happens more than I would have assumed when I first started playing.

More importantly, though, is the huge lack of communication, especially in KASE, that I've seen. Or not seen. Hardly anyone ever asks for help on probes until after they let 1-3 through the vortex, if they even ask at all.

Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
- People in skittle-boats invariably end up being the worst people on the team. Not just not knowing what to do, but have an uncanny knack for doing the completely wrong thing at the wrong time.
It's disconcerting how easy it is for someone in, say, DS9 zone chat to advocate skittles / rainbow builds and have people appear (I say "appear" as they could just be playing along, of course) to accept it as a good idea. All those procs gotta add up to PWNING, right?!?
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