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07-06-2012, 12:24 AM
Well, it is a free to play game now. At least they are doing maintenance and patches. I'm really looking forward to Season 6 with the fleet stations, Tholian series etc. I keep trying other MMOs and keep coming back here since Sony shutdown Star Wars Galaxies last December. Star Wars: The Old Republic was a huge letdown, especially with the limited space options like their rail system, where you fly a predetermined route through the zone with only control of your ship in the Y and X 2 dimensional directions. There were times I wished I could have turned around and flew back to areas I went through previously. And, even though TOR had a good story the PVP sucked. Plus it had no space PVP. I really miss Galaxies with all the ship part reengineering and freedom in the space zones. Oh well, Lucasarts and Sony really gutted that game when they went to the NGE. If not for that I think SWG would still be going today.