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Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
Ships do not scale with you, but the NPCs you face do. You need to talk to Admiral Quinn and get a ship requisition for a RA (Tier 5) ship(unless you have already gotten one), and then pick up either a Fleet Escort or Advanced Escort to bring you back up to 'heavy hitter'.

If you really want a Akira suitable for high-level play, you'll have to buy, with C-Points/Zen, the Heavy Escort Carrier.
Yeah - and this is where the upcoming T5 versions of lower-tier ships will come into their own.

I stuck with my Rhode Island type Nova class from T2 right up until mid-to-late T4 where, upgraded weapons notwithstanding, the lack of consoles and variety of BOFF's was a real handicap.

Am therefore VERY much looking forward to being able to fly one again in the not too distant future.