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07-06-2012, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post
Fixing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit consoles to 3Tact, 3Eng, 4Sci.

Increasing Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel and Science VEssel Refit turn rate to 15.

Any chance of fixing the KDF ones...

Its a chance to make both of the Heavy Battle Cruisers feel like a Heavy Battle Cruiser... It's nice that one of them was given that chance but the other one just feels like its a Starfleet Vessel with a Klingon Hull wrapped around the outside of it (negh'var).

Not to mention its a Tier 4 ship and then you have the vo'quv with only advantage is 2k more hull and is a Tier 5 starbase ship. Also why no gorn retrofits or fleet ships? One of major reasons no one uses them in STF DPS Races they just aren't adequate for what they can dish out in a small time window.