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# 4 This would be awesome...
07-06-2012, 06:11 AM
I also use 2 monitors and even tho I can drag the entire game to span across them, it is annoying that the center view then ends up in the middle making it feel like a split screen thing.

I would also like it very much indeed if the entire UI (actionbar tray, minimap, team window, chat and notification fly-bys) could be moved to one screen and keep a completely clean gameview on the other. Even with highest resolution and UI scaled to 50%, I find myself annoyed at the loot roll spaming in STF's, map and minimap but the worst one is chat window, obscuring my view of what's happening around my character or starship.
This goes especially for when I use FRAPS to make videos. I would much prefer a completely UI free view of the action. There is nothing as annoying as a game totally cluttered with flying damage numbers and peoples names floating above their heads, the UI ontop of it all just bugs me.

Sure I can minimize the chat window but that's not really a good idea since that also terminates your communication with team members and fleet. I don't want the UI gone, I just want it out of my way - to the other monitor to be precise.

The game window draged out to span across both monitors would be OK if the center view was instead adjustable so I don't end up having it right in the intersection between the two screens.

The ideal scenario would be this: One screen showing what you see when you hit ALT+F12 (Hide UI)
The other screen showing the stuff that was just turned off with that same key shortcut! THAT would make the game feel like a movie you're in and not a vague graphical something-something with a bunch of numbers and blue or red (KDF) thingymabobs sitting everywhere in the gameplay view.
Think of it this way: When you drive a car, your dashboard is located UNDER the windshield for a reason, not distracting you from the world around you that you see through the windows. I'd like this in games to and it is very doable with computers that have 2 or more monitors. You'd be surprised how many people actualy have that.

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