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Originally Posted by lordcorrino View Post
Excelsior works really well for STF's since they are a DPS chase. I run mine like a fat escort as I'm a Tac. Slap on two EPS relays, 3 cannon, 4 turret, one torp layout, and then run both CRF 1 & 2 for some very impressive DPS for a cruiser. Here's my setup.
I don't really have a problem with the Excelsior, or cannon build Excel. It's a good ship, and cannons are doable.

I find actually tanking is a lot easier with FAW as my positioning is basically irrelevant and I can tag enemies from any direction.

Which brings me to my last point.

You are not a fat escort, you really aren't.

Tac Captain or no Tac Captain, single or even Dual Cannons (for KDF builds) if you're in any type of a cruiser at all, your job is to either tank or support the team, and preferably some combination of both.

I'm not saying you can't do some, or even decent DPS* - but this is secondary or at best equal to the main function of the ship.

I'm not saying you're not, you might have 6 ranks of threat control and play damage sponge, but I just wanted to reiterate this point.

Originally Posted by nycteris1523 View Post
Well for one i am not noob i am close to 500 day vet and running around pew pew pew in a escort is about boring ...oh and i do have the armitage and still the same game...and i very aware that current stfs is dps race...doesnt mean i am be pigeon holed into just flying escort and being like to try something different and when i am done outfitting ill challenge you to take threat from me in my noob picard crusier.

Feel free to ignore him.

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