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07-06-2012, 06:01 AM
wouldn't want to see that listbox in the game...ugly no matter what they did with it. just looks cheesy. like something you'd see in a 2000 game or something. 'we don't have time nor the inclination to make anything nice here's a list!'

rather see minimap functionality expanded, ability to resize, tactical icons for ships, fighters, destructables, color coded(customizable), master 10km circle, with optional arcs within, and the ability to select specific targets.

while i'm still in dream land....would like to be able to have weapons fire at different targets know, multi target options. funny how a browser game can do it...and sto can't.

and/or set weapon crews for specific targeting priorities per weapon:

my target (default)
fighters (targeting me//targeting allies//all)
projectiles (targeting me//targeting allies//all)

it's nice to dream....