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07-06-2012, 07:14 AM
It's not the best xp, but if you can handle it solo, leveling by playing Otha is by far the most lucrative way of progressing through the ranks. Good mk4/mk6/mk8 gear is worth several times more than the mk10/11 gear you can get from there at level 50.

And, yes, leveling by pvp is the most interesting way to go. Find a pvp fleet and don't be afraid to ask for help while you're at it, and treat your lower levels as opportunities to experiment with all the ideas they give you... it's fun Try things out. Play space and ground. If somebody shocks and awes you, don't get mad - ask them for advice.

The absolute fastest way to level is to team up with a couple really solid AoE DPS space characters, match their level (50), buy xp boost tokens, and run the Fed Mirror Event. Beam out after the end boss warps in and immediately requeue. With a good group you can get about ten levels an hour. It's all kinds of boring, but it reduces levels 1 to 50 is about 6 hours of game-time, so if VA is all you're after....