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07-06-2012, 07:25 AM
Thing is, no matter how good the gear you put on it is, it'll still be a tier 3 ship. You'll always have two less weapons, 3 less consoles, no commander bridge station, substantially less hull. You can prop it up with mk XI weapons, but there's still only 5 slots, instead of the 7 on your Phoenix. You can't add slots, increase the base stats, or improve the bridge setup.

When you hit level 30, the Tier 4 Defiant would have been available on your rank token, and it's a better ship. Tier 4 ships can almost match tier 5 - they're missing an ensign power, one console, and an aft weapon which is easier to loose on an escort. But they still have a handicap compared to tier 5 ships that they simply can't overcome. That's where Retrofits come in, but those are C-store ships. The C-store Tier 5 Heavy Escort Carrier is one of the best escorts in the game, but no amount of dedication will make your old Heavy Escort measure up.