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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Yeah, guess there was a more concise way to put it.

But are you sure about the 4 DHCs outperforming 4 DCs in STFs? I'm really not sure either way, so anything you can deliver would be nice.
4x DHC versus 4x DC is theoretically not much difference (except for the +10 severity difference)

Practically however, DHC's perform much better. Why? Not sure. Perhaps because of the difference in Cycles? in Drain? The way the drain works on both?

Or does it have to do with the Arc and the time it requires for all the bolts to fire? Or does ith ave to do with the burst just being better and has more punch to it?

Originally Posted by xgorillapx View Post
As I stated before, I will say the dual vs dual heavy cannons personal preference, until I see any data showing otherwise.
Everyone will have their opinions. All I could do is write up a detailed guide as to what I have found works, and learned over time. While some people may pick things apart due to heresay and personal preference, this will help a vast majority of new players in escorts. Especially those who are struggling with STF's.
I did some testing recently and it shows (Including crits) that DHC's did more damage overall. Logically. The diffeerence my log testing shows was about exactly that small +10 difference give or take a few.

But, that was against a stationary target. For me, it practical sense, the DHC's hit way and way harder.

DC on the other hand, should give you more benefit with Tet glider, my test also showed the drain increased by using them. Other things to consider is, weapon procs proc more with Dual cannons because of their 1 second shorter Cycle. But will it really be noticable in practical sense? nah.

Also even with the higher Tet glider drain, the DHC were way more beneficial. Perhaps it might have to do with that DC's need more data processing because of the more bolts/hitrecords? My internet connection is not of the best quality and the switch for me to Dual cannons really, really dropped my total damage and burst significantly. Perhaps even this has any effect on the DC vs DHC story? I have a pretty good feeling both this, and the fact that DHC's just hit harder per shot is why they push tru shields much faster and often take a chunk of hull with it (This was a small pvp talk here)

Oh well, perhaps in STF's it really doesnt matter much, I would stick with 4x DHC because in the worst case (IN STF's versus NPC's) the difference is unnoticeable. But I'm pretty sure it wouldnt be worse then DC's.

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